Fox News host complains media focuses too much on JFK Jr — just after Fox aired interview with JFK Jr

During a segment on Fox News this Sunday, network host Howard Kurtz criticized what he says is the outsized media attention given to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., despite, as Mediaite points out, the network’s own continuous coverage of the Democratic presidential candidate.

Kurtz said “the networks, including Fox, keep having [Kennedy] on,” and rattled off controversies from Kennedy’s record before bringing on Griff Jenkins on and asking him “Why do news organizations keep putting RFK on the air?”

“He has a long history of spreading conspiracy theories, and falsehoods. He is obviously entitled to speak — I’m not saying he shouldn’t have any access to the media,” Kurtz said. “Sometimes he is challenged as he was by Martha MacCallum this week, but it’s almost like he’s a celebrity providing entertainment.”

Jenkins agreed that Kennedy has pushed antisemitic claims and conspiracy theories.

Jenkin then pointed out that it was just about an hour ago on the network had Kennedy on for a Sunday Morning Futures interview with host Maria Bartiromo.

According to Mediaite’s Ken Myer, Fox has focused more on Kennedy’s threat to Donald Trump in the 2024 election than his controversies.

Watch the segment over at Mediaite.

Sky Palma

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