Called Out

Fox News host confronts Trump campaign spokesman: Don’t call our polls ‘fake’

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade confronted Trump campaign spokesman Hogan Gidley this Friday for saying most polls, including a recent Fox News poll, that show Biden opening up a notable lead against President Trump are “fake.”

“You touched on some polls,” Gidley told Kilmeade. “Most of those are fake. They oversample Democrats.”

Gidley then launched into a speech about Trump’s social media clout as compared to Biden’s, prompting Kilmeade to interject.

“I know the people that do the polls. They don’t do it fake—they do a really good job,” Kilmeade said. “They might not be accurate in the end, I don’t know.”

“I’m not saying they’re Nostradamus. But I am just saying they’re math, and they’re professionals,” Kilmeade continued. “So don’t call the Fox News pollsters ‘fake.’”

Watch the exchange below:

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