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Fox News host says burned Christmas tree outside studio represented ‘Jesus and Hanukkah’

During a segment on Fox & Friends this Wednesday, the team expressed their anguish over a homeless crazy person setting the Christmas tree outside the Fox News’ headquarters studio in New York City, with co-host Ainsley Earhardt rattling off all the things the Christmas tree meant to her.

During the segment, co-host Steve Doocy wondered, “Who sets a Christmas tree on fire?”

But Earhardt preferred to talk about what the tree represents.

“It’s a tree that unites us that brings us together, it’s about the Christmas spirit, it is about the Holiday season — uh, it’s about Jesus, it’s about Hanukkah, it’s about everything we stand for as a country: freedom and worshipping the way that you want to worship — it makes me so mad,” she said.

As expected, there were a few people on Twitter who were confused at Earhardt’s remarks.

“It is a Christmas tree. It started as a pagan symbol,” one Twitter user wrote. “It has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus. It certainly doesn’t have anything to do with Hanukkah. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that someone associated with Fox burned it down to rant about the ‘war on Christmas.'”

“I don’t know. I could be wrong, but I’m fairly certain the Christmas tree has nothing to do with Hanukkah,” wrote another.

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