Fox News host slams liberal ‘hysteria’ over Trumpcare: ‘We’re all gonna die’ anyway

Yes, we’re all going to die. The trick is to try to hold that off as long as possible with a healthy diet, exercise, and other lifestyle choices — all propped up by good healthcare. But according to Fox News host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, the human race’s inevitable date with death doesn’t warrant the “hysteria” over the Senate GOP’s morbid health care bill.

During a Fox segment discussing the GOP’s decision to cancel this week’s vote on Trumpcare, a series of clips were played showing Democratic lawmakers like Bernie Sanders and Al Franken warning that thousands of people will die if Trumcare passes, prompting Kennedy to slam the “hyperbole” coming from progressives over the bill.

“You know what the crazy thing is? We’re all going to die,” she said. “And they can’t predict — there’s no way unless they are absolutely psychic and have a party line to heaven, they don’t know who’s going to die or when or how many people.”

As ThinkProgress points out, lower mortality rates have long been connected to having healthcare. According to a study from from the early 2000s, states that enacted Medicaid expansions found “a significant decrease in mortality over five years of follow-up.”

From ThinkProgress:

It’s not like Republican members of Congress have been using talking points that are a whole lot more effective, however. During a Fox News interview that aired Tuesday, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) portrayed health care coverage as an oppressive burden that low-income Americans would freely discard. Senate Republicans have been unable to identify specific provisions of the bill that would benefit their constituents. Trump has avoiding talking about the bill, instead focusing his fire on Obamacare, which his administration is actively working to sabotage.

Watch the video below:

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