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Fox News hosts: Brett Kavanaugh is being ‘racially profiled’

Pundits over at Fox News are finally speaking out and condemning the practice of racial profiling. Wait — never mind. They’re condemning the racial profiling of Brett Kavanaugh.

During a segment on Fox & Friends this Sunday, the hosts responded to the growing media take on Kavanaugh’s emotional testimony to the GOP-led Senate committee last week. In a clip flagged by Media Matters, co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy slammed what she thinks is the hypocrisy of some who think Kavanaugh’s combative testimony revealed his sense of white privilege.

“Here they are constantly decrying systematic racial profiling of African-Americans when it comes to law enforcement,” Campos-Duffy said, adding that when it comes to Kavanaugh, “They’re racially profiling, gender profiling in this case.”

Conservative radio host David Webb then chimed in, saying that critics of Kavanaugh embody the “next generation of race pimp.”

“The real discussions here should be around the issues,” Webb said. “Was there, as the allegations assert, an attack, or an incident, or groping, whatever? But that’s no longer the issue. This is about the destruction of a man, the destruction of the president’s nominee, because the Democrats have no other card left to play. They’re losing on the important issues to Americans, so they have to play identity politics, and they have to move that forward.”

“And as for Dr. Ford, look — and I believe the judge put it in the right context in his testimony, in his opening statement … she may be a victim, but it wasn’t him,” Webb added. “Whether she’s a victim or not, she’s a willing participant in this political con, and that’s what’s being played out on the American people.”

But according to Campos-Duffy, the problem is Kavanaugh’s critics.

“I know they’re saying it’s male white privilege, but they both grew up in the same privileged D.C. suburbs,” she said, adding that Christine Blasey Ford “spent her summers diving in a country club.”

“I certainly didn’t spend my summers practicing diving in a country club. I don’t see why any of this is relevant to exactly what you said, the facts of the matter,” Campos-Duffy said.

Co-host Pete Hegseth agreed, saying that the left’s “evidence of guilt” against Kavanaugh “is the fact that he’s a white man of privilege.”

“That’s the first sin, the first evidence of guilt, and then everything else cascades from there,” Hegseth said. “How do you walk back from that ledge where you start with that premise?”

“They’re trying to win in education by indoctrinating kids to have white guilt in college and elsewhere,” Hegseth later added. “They’re trying to remake our society right now.”

Watch the clip below via Media Matters:

Featured image via screen grab/YouTube

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