Fox News is attacking Star Wars? Oh HELL no

While most people can’t hear enough about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Fox News just doesn’t get why it’s such a big deal.

Fox News’ Carley Shimkus and Neil Cavuto discussed the new film during a brief segment on the newest installment to the saga, The Force Awakens. Neither Fox anchor could begin to understand the hype that surrounds the highly anticipated new movie. The two were joined by radio host Mike Gunzelman, who is just as excited for the newest Star Wars as many on the internet.

Shimkus was the most vocal person in the segment, and derided Star Wars and its crazed fan base multiple times. Shimkus was especially bothered by the “over-saturation” of Star Wars merchandise, with Halloween costumes and tons of new toys on the shelves. She also took issue with the ticket-buying rush that crashed Fandango servers on October 20.

“People go online and buy tickets two months in advance, who will ruin the experience for people like you and me who are normal movie watchers,” said Shimkus.

Although Cavuto was less vocal and didn’t bash Star Wars fans, he still “doesn’t get” the hype that surrounds the new film. Cavuto said that he had no plans to see the film after finding out that Fox will have nothing to do with it. Fox distributed the first six films, but will not be involved after Star Wars was purchased by Disney.

Gunzelman was forced to defend his fandom on the show alone, and defended the high profile ad campaign by saying that it will break box office records. Many expect The Force Awakens to become the highest grossing movie of all time.

Even though Gunzelman is not alone in his passion for the newest Star Wars movies, Shimkus still pities him for his nerdy fandom. Although Shimkus doesn’t get it, she told Gunzelman that she “respects his little love for this movie,” before telling Cavuto to “feel bad for him.”

Although Fox seems eager to bash “nerds” to getting excited over the new Star Wars movies, maybe the network is still a little jealous that their parent company lost out on the sure-to-be box office smash that is already breaking records for pre-sales.


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