Fox News Panelist Makes Bizarre Connection Between U.S. Gun Legislation and Iran/Syria (VIDEO)

On the Fox News show Lou Dobbs Tonight, panelist Angela McGlowan managed to make a bizarre link between recent proposed gun legislation and what she views to be a threat from Iran and Syria.

In what began as a discussion regarding whether or not it’s “in the national interest” of the U.S. to attack Syria, the conversation eventually drifted over to McGlowan, who voiced a concern that new gun laws would leave American citizens vulnerable should Iran or Syria try to attack us.

“We have a president […] who wants to take away our guns, yet he wants to attack Iran and Syria. So if they come and attack us here, we don’t have the right to bear arms under this Obama Administration — if he gets his way. ”

There is no evidence that Obama has plans to attack Iran or Syria. In actuality, the Obama Administration has publicly frowned upon a preemptive attack on Iran as well as an intervention in the Syrian conflict, although he has left the possibility open should Syria’s Assad resort to the use of chemical weapons.

Fellow panelist James Taranto agreed with McGowan, making the unsubstantiated claim that “quite a number of terrorist attacks in Israel have been stopped by private citizens with firearms.”

Taranto then went on to bolster his point by declaring, “Israelis have Uzis.” To which McGlowan replied, “And their murder rate is not like Chicago.”

According to a report from CBS News last year, Israel’s gun laws are extremely restrictive and “allows its people to acquire firearms only if they can prove their professions or places of residence put them in danger. The country relies on its security services, not armed citizens, to prevent terror attacks.”

Watch the Lou Dobbs Tonight segment in the video below.

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