Fox News Pushes Conspiracy Theory that Obama is Linked to Controversial Google Image (VIDEO)

Seemingly pushing a conspiracy theory first disseminated by the conservative website The Daily Caller, Fox News suggested that President Obama may have been linked to a Google doodle commemorating the birthday of civil rights icon and labor leader activist Cesar Chávez.

On this Sunday’s edition of Fox’s America’s Newsroom, host Bill Hemmer discussed Google’s illustration of Chávez on its homepage. The image created controversy in some conservative circles due to what they saw as a secular message meant to downplay the religious importance of the day. Easter Sunday, March 31 is also Chávez’s birthday.

Hemmer’s guest David Drucker of Roll Call agreed that the move was “an obvious mistake,” but didn’t necessarily agree with Hemmer’s bizarre insinuation that Obama was somehow linked to Google’s choice.

Watch the America’s Newsroom segment in the video below.

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