Fox News Renews Debunked Benghazi Conspiracy Theory Using Letter From Birther Group (VIDEO)

Renewing debunked conspiracy theories about the Benghazi attacks, Fox News featured a letter from a group founded by a known birther that was sent out last April, calling for an investigation into the attacks.

The group, Special Operations Speaks, has promoted various long-debunked conspiracy theories and was founded by Larry Bailey, a former Navy SEAL who is a birther and has made the bizarre claim that President Obama’s real father was the communist writer Frank Marshall Davis.

“In his books, Obama said his mentor was a fellow named Frank Marshall Davis. Frank Marshall Davis was a member of Communist Party USA,” Bailey said. “He wrote for the communist party’s Hawaii newsletter, he was a close friend of Obama’s mother, and there’s a strong case that Frank Marshall Davis rather than Barack Obama, Sr. was Barack Obama, Jr.’s father and that Barack Obama, Sr. was just an administrative father of convenience.”

According to Media Matters, In addition to Happening Now, several Fox News programs including Fox & Friends, America’s Newsroom, and America Live devoted entire segments to the letter — all failing to mention Bailey’s birther background and conspiracy theories.

Watch the Happening Now segment in the video below.

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