Fox News thought Melania showed up to Trump’s arraignment — it was actually his 27-year-old spokeswoman

Many spectators, including Fox News, thought that former First Lady Melania Trump had showed up to her husband’s court appearance in Miami this Tuesday to support him. As it turns out, they were actually looking at Donald Trump‘s 27-year-old deputy director of communications, Margo Martin, in dark sunglasses.

From Insider:

As Trump’s motorcade pulled up to the Miami courthouse where he pleaded not guilty to 37 counts in connection with his classified documents scandal, Fox News anchor John Roberts showed a video of Martin near one of Trump’s vehicles.


“There she is,” he said.


About 15 minutes after his first report, Roberts corrected the (frankly understandable) mistake.


“Apparently it was not Melania,” Roberts said on-air. “A day like today with so many comings and goings, it’s easy from a distance to mistake two people.”


Melania actually stayed in New York City while Trump traveled to Florida for the court appearance, the Daily Mail reported.

Sky Palma

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