Fox’s Greg Gutfeld: Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are ‘sick creeps’ using ‘religion as a shield’

Conservative support for the Duggar family is not in short supply. Even Fox News has been accused of saying much too little about the scandal before airing what many thought was a softball interview by Megyn Kelly.

But Fox’s Greg Gutfeld took many by surprise this week when he put forth a scathing condemnation for the Duggars, and anyone else who would “use religion” as a way to shield them from sexual impropriety.

“There’s a backlash against them because they have a sick son who molested maybe his siblings and was protected by it,” Gutfeld said on his show, The Five.

Gutfeld said he was disgusted that “sick creeps” can confess their religion as a “way out of heinous activity,” using their faith as a shield.

He wondered if Christian conservatives would be as forgiving “if Josh were a member of CAIR [the Council on American-Islamic Relations].”

“If the Duggars weren’t part of a religious team that you belong to, would you be as sympathetic?” he asked.

Watch the video below, via Mediaite:

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