Fox’s headquarters in London were just raided by investigators from the European Commission

The London offices of 21st Century Fox have been raided by investigators from the European Commission who were looking for “documents and computer records,” according to The Telegraph.

The Telegraph reports that the nature of the raid is not yet known.

“Fox Networks Group (FNG) is cooperating fully with the EC inspection,” a spokesman for Fox Networks Group said in a statement to Variety.

From The Telegraph:

The European Commission has powers to raid businesses suspected of abusing their dominance of a market or being involved in a price fixing cartel. Investigators are able to take copies of documents and computer records, and ask for explanations from executives.

Sources at the 10 Hammersmith Grove development, which is shared with the tobacco company Philip Morris among others, said Commission officials were attempting to keep a low profile and that staff had been warned to keep details of the raid secret. It is understood that investigators are expected to remain on site through Wednesday and possibly into Thursday.

The raid comes as Fox moves to take over Sky News, a process that has fallen under intense scrutiny by regulators at the U.K.’s Competition and Markets Authority.

As CNBC points out, earlier this year the European Commission “provisionally found Fox’s bid would not be in the public interest. It said there are concerns that the deal may lead to the Murdoch Family Trust wielding too much influence over public opinion and the political agenda.”

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