Fox’s Jeanine Pirro: Black ‘Hamilton’ actor committed ‘out and out reverse racism’

On her Fox News show this weekend, Jeanine Pirro slammed the cast of the Broadway musical “Hamilton,” including the black actor who called upon audience member Vice President-elect Mike Pence to represent Americans equally.

Seething at what she perceived to be disrespect to Pence, Pirro blasted the cast, specifically actor Brandon Victor Dixon.

“What happened in that theater one block from this studio was out-and-out reverse racism and teed-up hate!” Pirro said.

After playing back some of Dixon’s comments, Pirro wondered why he never directed any criticism at Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

“Last night violates everything that you say that you stand for,” she declared, referring to Dixon. “You’re Hamiltonians, you’re students of American history. Why not hip hop about the electoral college or is that the part of the Constitution that you just want to ignore?”

“Maybe you want to dance about Hamilton, why not dance about that!” she continued. “And I’ve got news for you. Don’t lecture this man. You may know a little about hip hop and dancing around a stage.”

“I majored in American history and I saw the play ‘Hamilton’ and I loved it,” she concluded. “But you just took the fun, the enjoyment and the memory of that play right out of me, which might explain why the number one hashtag is that’s trending right now is #BoycottHamilton.”

Watch the video below:

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