Lara Logan to QAnon influencer: I want to start a foundation for ‘real journalism’

During a recent appearance on QAnon booster David “Niño” Rodriguez’s show, former Fox News reporter Lara Logan said she wants to establish a foundation for what she describes as “real journalism.”

“I want to establish a foundation for the media going forward, a press club that can recognize people like yourself, that preserves the principles of real journalism,” she told Rodriguez.

“They want us to believe there are no principles and it’s a lie. There are principles,” she continued. “So I want to preserve that and create a foundation, build a foundation with fellow journalists that – that is a foundation for us going forward, because I don’t believe we’re ever going back. I don’t believe we’re ever going back to a time when any of those publications try to live up to their responsibilities and duties to tell the truth and to be as objective as possible.”

“We’re never going back to that. But we can build for the future,” she said. “We don’t have to be on YouTube to reach people. We don’t have to compromise like that. We don’t have to give in to the people who are slitting our throats.”

Watch the video at Media Matters.

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