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Franklin Graham: Dear Jesus, please protect Joe Manchin and his family from the socialists

In a post to his Facebook page this Friday, evangelist Franklin Graham shared a link to a Fox News report detailing how Joe Manchin (D-WV) has rejected the way his party has approached climate change and China as gridlock over President Biden’s Build Back Better spending plan continues unabated.

“[Senator Joe Manchin] has been in the news quite a bit,” Franklin wrote.

“He’s a highly respected Democratic Senator from West Virginia,” continued. “There’s a lot of pressure on him from all sides, especially from the socialists on the left.”

And then, a prayer.

“Pray that God will protect him and his family, and that his decisions would be the best for West Virginians—and best for all Americans,” wrote Graham.

This week, Manchin appeared on Fox News and called for more drilling, and said President Biden was wrong to blame OPEC for the current high gas prices throughout the nation.

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