Franklin Graham: Don’t be afraid of coronavirus — ‘we all die’ anyway

In a message posted to his Facebook page this Saturday, Christian evangelist and missionary Franklin Graham slammed the “left-wing media” for projecting “the worse-case scenarios” relating to coronavirus because it creates “great headlines” and “fear.”

“I agree that COVID-19 may be around for a while—human coronavirus has already been around in some form for many years,” Graham wrote. “But as a nation and as individuals, we have to learn to live with pandemics, whether it’s coronavirus or any other. We can’t hide in a cave until the world is free from every virus or threat.”

At one point in his post, Graham played down the threat of coronavirus and compared it to the flu and other illnesses, even saying that we all have to die at some point.

“It is estimated that heart disease will take the lives of 640,000 people across our country this year and cancer is expected to claim over 600,000 lives as well,” Graham wrote. “One thing is 100% certain—we will all die. Each one of us will have to meet death. With the dark storm clouds of COVID-19 still hanging low, we need to go on with living our lives and doing our work, while taking personal responsibility.”

Read his full post over at Facebook.


Sky Palma

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