Funny atheist kid takes apart internet preacher who says the bible is ‘100% accurate’

Christian YouTuber Pastor Greg Locke dropped a video last month that rustled the feathers some of the more argumentative secular folks on the Internet, where he claimed to now have indisputable proof that the bible is “absolutely 100% accurate.”

One of those folks was atheist YouTuber Alex J. O’Connor, a.k.a. The Cosmic Skeptic.

In his rebuttal video, O’Connor doesn’t really break any new ground in atheist polemics, but Locke didn’t break new ground for his side of the aisle either. Ultimately, O’Connor’s dry wit and subtle composition make the video fun to watch.

“…I’m pretty excited because I found a video of a guy called Pastor Greg Locke, saying that the bible is absolutely 100% accurate,” O’Connor starts out. “And after thousands of years of speculation, I can’t wait to finally see some actual proof.”

Watch the video below:




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