Funny how kids are immune to Christian faith healers

In this modern day and age, faith healers still have the audacity to practice their particular brand of charlatanry for the world to see. Regardless of the obvious scam that’s taking place, they’re still able to operate freely and enrich themselves thanks to the gullibility and desperation of their loyal followers.

Benny Hinn is arguably the most famous of these con artists. His mass rituals of “touching” people and having them fall back forcibly under the power of the Holy Spirit are legendary, causing many people to wonder how much of the display depends on psychology or a hoax. It’s definitely a little of both.

But as Hermant Mehta of Patheos points out, it’s not just adults to participate in the display. Children – many who seem to not be indoctrinated into the faith healing routine – are brought up on stage as well.

The whole time, these adults go along with it like it’s the most normal thing in the world. What’s worse is how many of them really believe that it works! (No before/after medical records are ever released. Meanwhile, Benny has a jet.)

But at least they’re adults.

In the video below, children at a “Christian revival” can be seen participating in the ritual, but since they don’t know what’s the going on, the “power” of the Holy Spirit is useless against them.

So many of the kids have this look on their faces like, “What? You touched my head, so I’m supposed to fall backwards now? Okay, I guess, if that’s what everyone’s doing. I’ll play along.”

The best part — you have to watch it — comes at the 1:22 mark. There’s a little girl who simply refuses to play the game. She ain’t fallin’ backwards for nobody. The preachers spend a good 20 seconds on her before moving along to someone more impressionable.

You can see the full revival video here.


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