Gawker just published Donald Trump’s personal phone number

Donald Trump pissed a lot of people off when he shared fellow GOP presidential candidate Lindsey Graham’s personal phone number at a campaign rally last month. Trump help up a large note card for all to see and read the number aloud, saying, “You know he won’t fix anything, but at least he’ll talk to you.”

The online media giant Gawker (which has made questionable decisions in the past in regards to the kind of personal info they share) figured that since Graham’s number was fair game, so is Trump’s.

Here’s their take, not ours:

Since Trump, in his considered political judgment, has decided that opening up a direct, personal channel of communications between his supporters and his primary opponents is a noble campaign tactic, we think it’s only fair and right that Republican primary voters be able to reach out to Trump himself. If it is the case—as Trump’s release of Graham’s number implicitly argues—that our political discourse improves when voters can ring up candidates on their private cell phones, then we are happy to add Trump’s cell phone number to the body of public knowledge. You can reach Donald Trump at 917-756-8000.

We tried calling, but were only able to get a busy signal.

“He has some pressing questions to answer,” Gawker’s Sam Biddle adds.

“Does he still think Mexicans are out to rape you? Speaking of rape, does he think it’s possible to rape your own wife? Just how much did he exaggerate his net worth to hit the $10 billion figure? What about breast milk does he find sodisgusting? Which cabinet position would he give Sarah Palin? Interesting topics, all.”

Or if you want to just call Lindsey Graham, here’s that video of Trump reading aloud the number:

Featured image via YouTube screengrab

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