George Takei perfectly deconstructs Kim Davis, epically smacks down troll in one single post

We can all go to bed now, because George Takei spoken out on the Kim Davis affair, and it’s perfect.

Posting on his Facebook page, Takei commented on an MSNBC video covering Davis’s speech in front of the jail she was just released from, thanking her supporters and issuing religious edicts.

The actor and LGBT activist slammed Davis’s lawlessness and fumbling interpretation of the Constitution, calling her “un-American.”

“Well this is a bit of a circus. So let us be clear: This woman is no hero to be celebrated. She broke her oath to uphold the Constitution and defied a court order so she could deny government services to couples who are legally entitled to be married. She is entitled to hold her religious beliefs, but not to impose those beliefs on others. If she had denied marriage certificates to an interracial couple, would people cheer her? Would presidential candidates flock to her side? In our society, we obey civil laws, not religious ones. To suggest otherwise is, simply put, entirely un-American.”

This is Facebook, and as per usual, the comment section vomited forth a few crazies. But George managed to almost outdo his original post in response to this one fellow:

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Well done, sir.

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