Glenn Beck Claims That Michelle Bachmann’s Ethics Investigation is a Radical Islam Conspiracy (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck has developed a strange theory as to why Michele Bachmann is under investigation for ethics violations, and it’s not because her 2012 presidential campaign allegedly had campaign finance inconsistencies — it’s because the U.S. has been “infiltrated” by “radical Islam,” and Bachmann is now apparently a target of it.

“You see what they’re doing to Michele Bachmann?” Beck asked. “Michele Bachmann is under all kinds of ethics investigations now. Why do you suppose that is? She’s evil? She is uber-clear on what’s going on. Uber clear.”

Beck suggested that Bachmann is being targeted by the Office of Congressional Ethics because she’s been an outspoken critic of Islam.

He continued with the bizarre assertion that the U.S. State Department is “pushing” Somalis into Minnesota, and Bachmann is trying to find out why. “She hasn’t gotten any answers, and now she’s under investigation,” Beck said.

Watch Beck’s comments in the video below.

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