Glenn Beck: If Trump loses in 2020, ‘it’s the end of America as we know it’

In an interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News this Monday, Glenn Beck warned that if President Trump loses the 2020 election, America could see its demise.

Lamenting the alleged rise of “radicals” and “Islamists,” Beck warned that if Donald Trump isn’t reelected, the country could be nearing its “end.”

“I said what was coming and the last few steps were that the radicals, the anarchists, the Islamists, the socialists would all gather together, they would not be working together, plotting together, but they would see the opportunity and they would all come together and work to destabilize Europe and America,” Beck said. “And that is exactly what is happening.”

“If the Republicans don’t win in this next election, I think we are officially at the end of the country as we know it,” he added. “We may not survive even if we win, but we definitely don’t if the Republicans lose with Donald Trump.”

Beck’s comments are a reversal from his past opinions about Trump. As The Hill points out, a Facebook post Beck shared back in 2015 lambasted conservatives for supporting the then-real estate mogul and reality TV star.

“Why are big name ‘conservatives’ supporting him?” Beck wrote. “I am not talking about the average Joe, I am talking about Sean Hannity or Ann Coulter. … These are smart people. What am I missing? Just based on his favorability ratings he could never win in a general. Research shows that he may be near his ceiling now.”

But Beck has since changed his tune, telling his radio audience in May that he’ll “gladly” vote for Trump in 2020.

“I will tell you — the things that you have done as the president are remarkable!” Beck exclaimed. “Remarkable!”

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Sky Palma

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