Glenn Beck: If you follow the Constitution, you’re unknowingly following the ‘will and word of God’

Earlier this week on his radio program, conservative talking head, doomsday prophet, and conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck answered a call from a young woman who said even though she’s too young to vote, she would vote for Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz because he is the only one who “makes the Bible his compass and bases his standards on something that is unchangeable.”

Beck replied that people don’t have to use the Bible as their compass because the Founding Fathers incorporated the Bible directly into the Constitution — so by following our founding document, you will be following the will and word of God.

“You don’t necessarily have to use the Bible as you compass,” Beck said. “Because the Founders used the Bible as the compass to enact the laws of the Constitution. The laws, the amendments are all based on natural law and God’s law. So, our politicians, all they need to do is use the Constitution as their compass and they’ll be in line with nature’s God and nature’s laws.”

Watch the video from Right Wing Watch:

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