Glenn Beck: Obama Was Behind ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Video to Spread Misinformation About Benghazi (VIDEO)

On his show last night, Glenn Beck borrowed from a theory put forth by Fox News contributor Charles Krauthhammer, that says the only phone call President Obama “allegedly” made the night of the Benghazi attacks  was to the State Department — to coordinate a message that said the attack was the result of an anti-Islam video.

Beck then speculated whether or not Obama has a personal Blackberry that he uses to communicate off the record, leading Beck to ask, “is [Obama] the origin of the video? Who was the origin of that video? Can we get the records of the Blackberry?”

It’s interesting to note that there is no corroborative evidence to support any of Beck’s speculations about who Obama did or didn’t call that day. Ironically, Beck’s latest rant comes a week after he lamented the mainstream media for labeling him a conspiracy theorist.

Watch an excerpt of Beck’s show from last night, courtesy of Right Wing Watch.

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