Glenn Beck Takes His Boston Conspiracy Theory Mainstream to Fox News (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck went on Fox News this Thursday to promote his theory that the Saudi national who was initially brought in for questioning in the wake of the Boston bombings may have more connections to the terror attacks than the Obama Administration is willing to admit.

Appearing on Bill O’Reilly’s show, Beck accused the Obama administration of covering up the story — even destroying documents related to the case.

In somewhat of a rambling speech, Beck claimed to have sources within the Obama Administration that provided him with a document that described the Saudi “suspect” as being “armed and dangerous,” who was then ultimately dropped as a suspect after Obama met with the Saudis.

With no other evidence but his word alone, Beck went on to claim that the White House is trying to get rid of his files.

Curiously, O’Reilly didn’t follow-up with any questions on Beck’s claims, allowing him to go on mostly uninterrupted throughout the segment.

Watch the The O’Reilly Factor segment in the video below.

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