GoFundMe campaign raises money to hire mariachi band to play outside racist NYC lawyer’s office

In the wake of Aaron Schlossberg‘s racist rant in a Manhattan eatery that went viral this Tuesday, a GoFundMe campaign has been set up to hire a mariachi band to play outside his office.

The plan is simple: Crowdfund a mariachi band to show up at his firm “to cheer up the staff and attorneys at The Law Office of Aaron M. Schlossberg Esq. P.L.L.C. after a difficult day.”

From the GoFundMe bio:

We are requesting the band to sing the famous, endearing, and warm spanish children song, La Cucaracha, the cockroach.

We are countering hate and racism with the sound of music.

Any leftover money will be used to send a delicious Taco Truck lunch to the staff and a copy of all federal and state statute mentioning undocumented immigrants do not qualify for welfare.

After going well over its $500 goal (the campaign has raised a total of $1,094), a band stepped forward to do the performance for free, so the campaign was paused and the remaining funds will be used to hire a taco truck to provide food for the performance.

The time and date of the mariachi performance has not been established yet. According to the GoFundMe’s organizers:

“We decided to not disclose the date and time since some on 4chan noticed and want to send people there on Friday to counter it. We are rescheduling and will not announce time/day. It will happen very soon. We are also checking with NYPD today if any permits are needed just in case.”

Either way, the fallout for this racist prick is just getting better and better.

Update: It looks like that mariachi concert will have to be canceled. According to reports, Schlossberg has been kicked out of his office.

Mary Ann Georgantopoulos of BuzzFeed News confirmed the development in a tweet from Thursday.

“Hayim Grant, the president of Corporate Suites, tells BuzzFeed News the company has terminated its agreement with attorney Aaron Schlossberg, who used the company’s work space on Madison Ave as an office,” she wrote.

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