GOP candidate: I dreamt someone was gonna kill me, so I prayed and my ‘witch’ neighbor was killed instead

Rachel Hamm, a GOP candidate for California Secretary of State, is a favorite of pro-Trump conspiracy theorists like Mike Lindell and Michael Flynn. But while people like Lindell focus on mythical claims of mass voter fraud in the 2020 election, Hamm’s busy battling witches and Satanists.

As The Daily Beast points out, Hamm has claimed that Satan worshippers have sacrificed animals and performed rituals in front of her house. But she has a secret weapon — her gift if divine prophecy through dreams.

During an event earlier this month at Fresno City College hosted by Turning Point USA, she claimed the neighborhood surrounding the community college was “known for having a lot of Satanic activity.”

“The day that I moved into that house, someone from the Satanic community came to my house with a black raven in his hand, and he twisted off the neck of the bird and let the blood spill out onto my property to claim my property and assert the power of Satan over my home,” Hamm said.

Though her experiences, she says she’s learned “a lot about how Satan works, about how the forces of evil work.”

“I am a prophetic dreamer,” she said during her speech on Oct. 7. “That means I see things in my dreams before they happen.”

She went on to explain that she once had a dream “that someone has tried to break into my home, murder me, and light my house on fire.”

“So I wake up and I pray and I use my authority in Jesus’ name to say, ‘No, no one is going to break in my home or murder me or light my house on fire or harm me in any way,'” she continued. When she woke up the next day, she says she called home and her mother gave her some shocking news.

“So my mom says … ‘You are not going to believe what happened last night. You know the witches, the self-proclaimed witches who live two doors down? Well, someone broke into their house, murdered her, and lit the house on fire.”

Gramm said that she “prayed against” what she saw in her dream and sent it “right back to them in Jesus’ name.”

“I didn’t even know how much authority I had in that situation until I called my mom and found out that the very thing that I had just dreamed, that someone was trying to do to me, had happened to them.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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