GOP congressional candidate: If vaccinated Christians repent, God will remove the ‘poison’ from their body

During a recent interview, anti-abortion activist and Ohio GOP congressional candidate Janet Folger Porter warned her fans not to “get any more boosters” against COVID-19, and said that if they pray hard enough, God will extract the vaccine form their bodies.

“So here’s the deal,” Porter said. “If God can take poison out of a stew, he can take poison out of a body, and that’s what I’ve been praying. Yes, we gotta fight [Covid], but if you’ve already had this thing, don’t get anymore boosters. But I just want to say that we have a God who heals, who paid for our healing on the cross — paid for. … And so God can heal even from mistakes we’ve made. He can heal from cancer, he can heal the poison jab, the death jab — he can heal.”

Listen to remarks below:

Sky Palma

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