GOP congressman honors D-Day anniversary by tweeting photo of Nazi soldiers

In a Twitter post commemorating the 74th anniversary of the D-Day invasion, Rep. Drew Ferguson (R-GA) tweeted, then deleted a photo of German troops.

This Wednesday, the campaign Twitter account for Ferguson’s reelection campaign shared a black-and-white photo featuring WWII-era soldiers wearing the patented helmets of Hitler’s Waffen-SS infantry.

In the background of the photo, a tank with the German iron cross could also be seen. Ferguso deleted the tweet and replaced it with a photo featuring U.S. soldiers from WWII, but not before Twitter users took screen shots.

Speaking to The Hill, a spokesperson for Ferguson’s campaign said the image was picked out by an intern.

“As a patriot and the father of a daughter serving in the Navy, Drew is pretty furious about it,” campaign spokesperson Dan McLagan said. “We deleted the post immediately but the sentiment of heartfelt gratitude and reverence for the men who charged into withering fire on those beaches 74 years ago can never be erased from our hearts.”

The now-deleted tweet contained another historical error: the caption included a quote from President Truman, who was not yet president during the Allied invasion of France.

Nevertheless, Ferguson’s revised tweet was still the target of mockery.

[TIME Magazine] Featured image via Twitter

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