GOP group deletes and apologizes for tweet saying they ‘hate poor people’

A GOP group based out of Colorado issues a public apology for a post Twitter post where they declared Republicans “hate poor people” because they lack dignity — or at least that’s what the atrociously bad tweet seemed to suggest.

In a Facebook post from this Saturday, the Alamosa County Republicans apologized for the tweet.

“Hate has no home here. On behalf of the Alamosa County Republicans, and as the Chair of that organization, please accept this apology for the inappropriate and offensive post made on this site on March 30, 2018. The author acted independently and without the concurrence of any other member of the Alamosa County Republicans,” the apology read.

On Friday, a tweet was fired off from the group’s official Twitter account which that people should be Republicans “out of self-respect.”

“Democrats love poor people because they think that poor people will vote Democrat,” the tweet read. “Republicans hate poor people because they think the dignity of man is above being poor.”

Via Newsweek

According to Newsweek, although the poor people-bashing post was deleted from Facebook, it still remained up on Twitter as late as this Monday. Both posts appear to have been deleted now.

The group’s apology claims the author of the offensive post has since resigned.

“The regrettable post was made with the intention of condemning poverty, not persons affected by poverty, and was not meant to insult anyone,” the group’s apology continued. “However, that occurred, and the author sincerely regrets the post and has offered his resignation from his position with the Alamosa County Republicans, which has been accepted. Actions have consequences.”

In the comment thread that opened up beneath the apology, quite a few people shared the opinion that the deleted post was just an honest reflection of the group’s values:

You can view the entire comment thread here.

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