GOP lawmaker arrested for beating his wife voted ‘yes’ to ban abortions in Mississippi

This past weekend, Mississippi state Rep. Douglas McLeod (R) allegedly got really mad when his wife didn’t respond to his sexual advances quick enough. He was so mad that he allegedly punched her, which resulted in her calling the cops and having him arrested.

According to police, he was drunk when they showed up to his door. That’s when they saw that his wife had a bloody nose, the SunHerald reports.

When deputies went inside, they saw two women standing at the top of a stairwell, both of whom the deputies described as frightened. McLeod’s wife eventually came outside after deputies assured her they would keep her away from her husband.

The deputy said McLeod’s wife was shaking and upset.

McLeod’s wife said her husband was drunk and “just snapped,” as he often does when under the influence of alcohol, the report said.

In light of the way McLeod apparently treats life inside his own home as a husband, some are pointing out that he’s staunchly “pro-life” when acting out his role as a politician. This past March, he was one of the lawmakers who voted to ban most abortions in his state at 6 weeks.

One person who pointed out what she sees to be a contradiction in McLeod’s morals was MSNBC legal analyst Katie Phang.

“Her face bloodied, McLeod’s wife ran upstairs, shut the door, & locked it,” she tweeted with a link to the SunHerald story. “McLeod started banging on the door to open it. He said if she didn’t open the door, he’d “kill her (expletive) dog.”

“PS. McLeod just voted ‘yes’ on MS’ heartbeat abortion bill,” she added.

“I just can’t stand the hypocrisy anymore,” one person commented.

“He really values life,” wrote another. “It’s all about control. All of it. Why can’t more people understand this?”

Echoing the “control” factor is Mark Weiss, who wrote in a blog post on Medium that McLeod’s behavior highlights “the suspect motives of states’ recent bans on abortion.”

“Those of us on the pro-choice side of this issue have repeatedly insisted that abortion bans are fundamentally about controlling women, evident in the ridiculously harsh punishments to which abortion-having women can now be subjected,” Weiss writes. “But I think it’s time for those who are pro-life to stop pretending that we’re deluded on this point. The men who think it is ok to abuse their wives for not conforming to their sadistic and immoral demands are the same ones who believe 12-year-olds ought to be forced to carry their rapist’s baby to term by force of law.

McLeod was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence and booked in the George County jail on Sunday morning. He was released on $1,000 bail. According to The Washington Post, his fellow lawmakers are calling for his resignation.

Featured image: Facebook/George County Sheriff’s Office

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