GOP lawmaker says he won’t support Trump in 2024 primary: ‘We’ve made a mistake on our side’

Nebraska GOP Rep. Don Bacon says that if Donald Trump chooses to run in the 2024 primary election, he won’t giving the former president his vote, Axios reports.

The news comes as questions continues to swirl over whether or not Trump still hold the same sway over the GOP as he did in years past. Speaking on NBC’s Meet the Press, Bacon, voters are “tired of the name calling, the Twitter. But they, by and large, liked [Trump’s] policies.”

“I’ll be looking for other candidates,” Bacon said when asked by host Chuck Todd if he plans to support Trump. When asked what he’d do if Trump ends up being the 2024 GOP nominee, Bacon said he was “reluctant to go there” but that Trump is “not going to be my choice in the primary, that’s for sure.”

In regards to the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, Bacon said Republicans had “made a mistake on our side of the aisle by opposing” the committee, “because what we have today is a very stacked deck in the committee,” adding that Trump’s refusal to initially try to quell the rioters on Jan. 6 “was negligence. He should’ve done better.”

Sky Palma

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