GOP lawmaker: The criminal investigations facing Trump give him ‘credibility’

During a recent appearance on CNN’s State of the Union, Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) was asked by host Dana Bash whether Republicans would be in a better position for 2024 if their front runner, namely Donald Trump, was not facing multiple investigations.

“Would Republicans be better off with a candidate who is not facing multiple criminal investigations?” Bash asked.

“You know it’s interesting — I think that the multiple investigations and civil lawsuits that have been brought almost give [Trump] credibility,” Buck replied. “He keeps saying that the world is against him because he’s trying to make these changes.”

Bash then pointed out that the investigations may give Trump credibility with his base, and asked Buck how he feels personally about Trump’s legal troubles.

“I’ve seen him for four years, I was in the House when he was president, I voted on his bills, I voted against his bills … so I have seen him personally,” Buck said. “I don’t look at the actions that he has taken — that are being investigated as much as his role as a former president and what his policies were.”

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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