GOP operative was arrested for kicking a dog in the stomach — now he’ll be chief of staff for incoming GOP Rep

A veteran Georgia Republican operative who will be chief of staff for incoming Georgia GOP Rep. Mike Collins was arrested last month for abusing a dog, POLITICO reports.

Brandon Phillips was charged with animal cruelty and was released on $1,200 bond over the Aug. 23 incident where he kicked a woman’s dog with his boot, causing a cut on the dog’s stomach.


Collins (R-Ga.) has not formally announced that Phillips, 36, will be his chief of staff, but three Georgia Republican congressional staffers told POLITICO he has been selected for the job.

He participated in a meeting on Nov. 30 that was held exclusively for Georgia Republican congressional chiefs of staff in an office next to the office of Rep. Rick Allen (R-Ga.), according to two of those staffers. And Phillips has interviewed at least one congressional aide for a potential post in Collins’ office, they said.

Back in Sept. 2016, Phillips resigned from Donald Trump’s campaign after a local TV station revealed his criminal history, which includes a 2008 incident where he “attacked” a man and slashed his tires, and threw a woman’s laptop. He was arrested on charges of battery and felony criminal damage, but later accepted a plea deal with lesser charges.

Later in 2008, a woman accused Phillips of pointing a gun at her after he opened the door to his apartment in Atlanta. He was later arrested on a charge of simple assault and battery.

Sky Palma

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