GOP Rep to Fox News: ‘Hillbillies are growing sick of the attacks on Trump’

During a recent appearance on Fox News, Ohio GOP Rep. Jim Jordan said that indictments handed down against former President Donald Trump are only making his base of support stronger.

“You look at the poll numbers earlier in the week, it’s it’s 54 to 17 in the Republican primary,” Jordan said. “But more importantly, he’s dead even with Joe Biden in The New York Times poll. So, my gut tells me, if that’s what The New York Times is saying, it’s probably better for President Trump in another poll.”

“And I think this only, again, hardens his support, expands his support, because the country gets it,” he added.

According to Jordan, many people in the country are growing tired “of this nonstop attack.”

“…this ridiculous attack on President Trump for seven years now, and they’re tired of this, this elite attitude in D.C. that says, ‘Oh, we’re better than everyone else, there’s a different set of rules,'” he said.

“And I think people in fly-over country, hillbillies in Ohio, or Iowa or Oklahoma, they’re so sick of it, we’re so sick of it. We’re saying, we’re going to support president. I think that’s the take-away, I think that’s the result of all this.”

Watch the video below:

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