GOP Rep’s Twitter poll on Obamacare repeal didn’t go how she expected

This Tuesday, GOP Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn) asked her Twitter followers if they wanted Obamacare repealed, and the result didn’t materialize as she hoped.

Blackburn, who is part of president-elect Donald Trump‘s transition team, saw her Twitter poll receive 7,968 votes, with 84 percent of respondents voting ‘no’ on a repeal.

White House spokesman Eric Schultz retweeted the poll, which likely helped opponents of the repeal gain the huge advantage.

From The Hill:

While it’s unlikely that everyone who voted in Blackburn’s poll is a constituent, they clearly didn’t want ObamaCare to go. That likely doesn’t mean much more than a rough day on social media for Blackburn, though, who won her reelection by nearly 50 percentage points over the Democratic candidate.

The incoming administration announced on Wednesday that Trump plans to repeal Obamacare by executive order the moment he takes office.

Sky Palma

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