GOP Senate candidate: Congress isn’t there to stop school shootings — they’re supposed to promote ‘biblical values’

During a recent livestream, Oklahoma GOP Senate candidate Jarrin Jackson declared that Congress is “not there to prevent school shootings.”

“You’re there to defend the Constitution,” he declared.

“And the Constitution includes the Second Amendment, which if you look at any kind of legitimate approach about what the Constitution means — because the Founders believed the bible and were mostly bible-believing Christians, they enshrined a document, the Constitution, that limits government because man is sinful,” Jackson continued.

Jackson went on to say that when you have a society that reflects biblical values, “you shouldn’t give government a lot of power” so that it can decide “who can have and who can’t have a firearm.”

“Until you get people to point to the Gospel, you’re not dealing with ‘gun control,’ you’re not dealing with murder with an eternal solution. You’re dealing with an idolatrous notion that will inevitably lead to tyranny because we have substituted our fear of God for our worship and our desire for government.”

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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