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GOP Senate candidate: ‘I identify more with Putin’s Christian values than Biden’s’

During a recent interview, the Delaware GOP’s candidate for Senate in 2020 gave her thoughts on Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine, saying that when it comes to her values, she trusts Russian President Vladimir Putin over Joe Biden.

“Russia is a Christian nationalist nation … so I actually support Putin’s right to protect his people and always put his people first, but also protect their Christian values,” Lauren Witzke said in a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch. “I identify more with Russian — with Putin’s Christian values than I do with Joe Biden.”

According to Witzke, “Christian nationalist countries” are a threat to the “global regime, like the Luciferian regime that wants to mash everything together.”

“But Putin takes care of his people, he looks out for his people,” she said.

Watch the video below:

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