GOP Senate candidate says white people should get reparations: ‘I have to call it like it is’

Ohio Republican Senate candidate Bernie Moreno thinks that White descendants of northern soldiers who fought in the Civil War should be financially compensated.

Moreno made the comments during a campaign event earlier this week. He’s challenging incumbent Democrat Sen. Sherrod Brown, who is seeking a fourth term in office.

“We stand at the shoulders of giants, don’t we? We stand on shoulders of people like John Adams, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington. That this group of people took on the largest empire in history. They said no, we will not stand for this. And won,” Moreno told supporters. “That same group of people later, White people, died to free Black people. It’s never happened in human history before, but it happened here in America. That’s not taught a lot in schools much is it?”

“They make it sound like America is a racist, broken country,” he continued. “You name a country that did that: that freed slaves, died to do that. You know, they talk about reparations. Where are the reparations for the people in the North who died to save the lives of Black people?”

Moreno added that he knows “it’s not politically correct to say that,” but he has to “call it like it is.”

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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