GOP strategist: Evangelicals live on a ‘giant Mount Everest-size pile of hypocritical bullshit’

GOP strategist Rick Wilson didn’t mince words when explaining why religious fundamentalists overwhelmingly support Trump.

During a taping of Overtime with Bill Maher from this Friday, GOP strategist Rick Wilson was asked how he felt about religious fundamentalists’ consistent support of President Trump despite the fact that he represents most things religion condemns.

Taking questions from viewers, host Bill Maher turned to Wilson and asked, “Why do religious fundamentalists give Trump as pass on behavior they otherwise condemn?”

Without missing a beat, Wilson sarcastically said that they find their justification in the “book of Poontang, verse 7…”

After the laughter subsided, Wilson pointed out that the verse in question says, “Thou shalt allow the Donald to fuck porn stars and let him get away with it.”

“Imagine a giant Mount Everest-size pile of hypocritical bullshit,” Wilson continued. “And that’s where they are, on the peak of that mountain.”

Later in the segment, the question was posed about what would happen if left-wing media utilized the tactics of the right and was more aggressive in demonizing right-wing media, to which Wilson responded that it would only serve to reinforce “the sense of persecution and of inferiority that drove a lot of lesser educated Republican voters into the arms of [Fox News] and Rush Limbaugh.”

“But that’s the catch-22,” Maher said. “You can’t say ‘you’re stupid,’ but then they keep acting stupid.”

Watch the video below, uploaded to YouTube by Real Time with Bill Maher:

Featured image via screen grab

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