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GOP strategist: ‘James Comey has destroyed the reputation of the FBI’

Appearing on MSNBC this Friday, Republican strategist Steve Schmidt slammed FBI Director James Comey, saying that no director in recent memory has done this much to harm to the FBI’s reputation.

“Comey put himself in a box because nothing has higher primacy in the mind of James Comey than his own image,” Schmidt said. “Because of that, he’s brought profound, profound, discreditation upon the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He put his image ahead of the institution.”

According to Schmidt, trust in nearly all American institutions is declining and Comey’s actions will only compound that decline.

“In an era where trust has completely collapsed in very nearly every institution of the United States, really with the exception of the U.S. military and a couple others, let’s now take the FBI and add it to the list of politicized discredited institutions,” Schmidt continued.

“There has never been a director in the modern age who has done more damage to the reputation of this institution putting it into the center of a political campaign like James Comey did. And he did it because of ego.”

Watch the segment in the video below:



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