GOP strategist to Trump: The only thing that’s ‘rigged’ is a system that lets a billionaire pay zero taxes

Speaking to CNN’s Jake Tapper this Monday, GOP strategist Ana Navarro picked apart Donald Trump’s claims that the 2016 election is “rigged.”

Navarro used her own country of origin as an example of how rigged elections work.

“He’s trying to set it up so that when he is a ‘loser, a word that he might be physically allergic to, he can then blame it on somebody else,” Navarro said.

“Let me tell you this,” she continued. “I come from Nicaragua. I come from a country where the elections have been rigged. Where there’s been communism. I know people who come from Cuba… I know people who come from Venezuela. Those are rigged elections. Yesterday I was at Mt. Vernon, and it inspired me to think what those Founding Fathers went through to set up this system. Is it a perfect system? No, It’s not. But stop calling it a rigged system so you can start setting up your alibi.”

“You are inflaming the passions – there’s way too much anger out there, and this is not helping,” she continued. “Show the evidence.”

When Trump-backing former Congressman Jack Kingston chimed in to defend Trump’s call for his supporters to be “poll watchers, Navarro shot back that making sure polls are run efficiently is “dramatically different” from claiming the system is rigged.

“Let me tell you what’s rigged!” she explained. “It’s a rigged system when a billionaire can pay no taxes and get away with it!”

Watch the segment in the video below:

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