Gospel artist releases album of music for Christians to fuck to

Grammy Award-wining gospel artist Tamela Mann has teamed up with her actor and comedian husband David Mann to release a music album for Christians who want to “enjoy intimacy without tasteless lyrics,” the Christian Post reports.

Speaking to the Post, Tamela said that the album, titled Us Against the World, is a “different” venture from her usual Gospel sound, with the album focusing more on an R&B vibe.

“It was different for me, it was really different, even though I was happy to think about the man that I love [while singing],” Tamela said. “It made me even look at him differently, and in all honesty, we tested it out and it really worked.”

“It’s making baby music,” David added.

The couple made sure to point that even thought the music is intended for baby making, it isn’t intended to be “nasty love music.”

“It’s about music to make love, not to have sex,” David said.

He joked that people are probably listening to “ R-Kelly or Ron Isley” when trying to get romantic. However, their music is coming from a different place. “You know what we represent, or who we represent. You know that our love for each other is 30 years strong and growing. So we wanted to make music that people can have those intimate moments with and not listen and be like, ‘girl, let me slap you, bump you, pop you.’ All of that stuff.”

A sample from the album can he heard in the link below, but it’s for baby-making purposes only.

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