Greg Locke: I’m being threatened with sex toys after exposing witches in my church

In a livestream this Friday, Tennessee pastor Greg Locke addressed some of the blowback he’s receiving after he claimed to have discovered the presence of “witches” in his church in a fiery sermon from last month.

“We’ve been getting—literally—sex toys in the mail every single day [and] glitter bombs from witches,” Locke said.

“The most dangerous message I’ve ever preached is the message of deliverance in the name of Jesus Christ. It’s caused more anger; it’s caused more pushback, it’s caused more threats, more evil, it stirred up more problems,” he said. “It’s done more to hurt people in our church — meaning that friends and family have forsaken them.”

“It’s really been unbelievable. I haven’t even checked the mail yet today, but you can ask anybody on our staff or people that volunteer here with us in deliverance ministry at the office. It is non-stop,” he explained.

“We get hundreds and hundreds, many times thousands, of phone calls every week. The voicemail will only hold 40 voicemails at a time. We can be on the phone and the voicemails will fill up about every two hours, and so many of them are like non-callback numbers, private numbers, people calling us and fussing,” he continued.

Locke said someone recently “promised to come to the tent and slice my throat and to kill me.”

“Everybody is mad about the thing I said about calling out witches,” he said. “They are real. They know they’re real. They’re not hiding the fact that they’re real. It’s just that the Church is too unbiblical and ignorant to recognize witchcraft, sorcery and spells and curses when they see them. We literally got a box the other day that said it was from my mom that was full of all kind of crystals and hexes and vexes and curses.”

Watch the video below:

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