Guess which network refused to air the DNC speeches by mothers of children killed by police

Mothers of the Movement is now an undeniable force in American politics. A group of black women whose children were killed by police or gun violence appearing at a political convention is unprecedented, and their speeches were aired by MSNBC, CNN, and PBS.

You’ve probably already noticed which network is missing from that list.

As the Mothers gave their emotional testimonies, Fox News was airing an interview Karl Rove about the demonstrations outside the DNC convention, followed by a segment on immigration by none other than Bill O’Reilly.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a Fox News spokesperson explained that an audio clip of the Mothers’ speeches was aired during The Kelly File on Tuesday night.

Similarly, Fox did not air the convention speech by Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay about how it’s possible to simultaneously address the needs of police and concerns by minority communities. Their network rivals did.

Since it was a discussion about a hot news issue, the omissions leave Fox vulnerable to charges that the network is reluctant to expose its Republican-dominated audience to opinions they may disagree with.

Considering that Fox spent a considerable amount of airtime trying to erase the experiences of these Mothers, it’s not surprising that a they’d find airing their speeches to be a little awkward.

Twitter wasted no time in calling the network out:

You can watch the Mothers of the Movement give their individual speeches in the below:

[The Hollywood Reporter] Tweets compiled by Cosmopolitan

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