Gun rights group: Mass shootings happen because ‘we have too many God-free zones’

Gun rights activists declared this past Saturday to be “Guns and God Appreciation Day,” and their message wouldn’t be complete if they didn’t correlate gun violence with a lack of religion.

According to the group’s website, “No proposed gun control law or Gun Free Zone can prevent murderous intent, and would not have prevented any mass shooting or murder event.”

“The mass murder epidemic in America is directly correlated to our diminishing relationship with God,” the website states. “We have far too many God Free Zones.”

From Right Wing Watch:

The organizer, Constitutional Rights PAC, organized a Gun Appreciation Day in 2013, which they claim was a “massive success” despite “efforts by leftist media outlets” to delegitimize it. Since then, the group says, National Gun Appreciation Day “has been observed annually on January 19th.”

But the expanded focus this year, organizers say, is meant to counter the efforts of “cultural Marxists” to “whittle away the First Amendment right of religious expression and to defame traditional American culture.”

The group planned for millions to turn out for the event around the country, but as Right Wing Watch points out, the only activity involved several hundred gun enthusiasts who turned up at a rally at the Ohio statehouse.

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