Gun safety instructor shoots Christian preacher in the hip during demonstration

It’s admirable when people actually take steps to learn how to safely use firearms if they are going to have them. But even during gun safety training, you can get shot, as one unfortunate California preacher learned.

The House Modesto Pastor Tom Smith was actually shot in the hip after the teacher in the firearms safety course he was attending switched a dummy gun with a real one, complete with live rounds. The accident occurred at the end of the lesson, when the teacher, Philip Rushing, replaced the class’s rubber gun with his own. Rushing fired the real gun instead of the real one. It has not yet been explained how he got the two confused.

Smith’s congregation said that he is still in “much pain pulling through the physical therapy” after his surgery.

Folks at the firearms academy where the incident took place are defending Rushing’s carelessness. Trident Firearms Academy owner Dan Gray said:

“If you’re a firearms instructor long enough, you’re going to see accidents happen.”

Rushing supposedly has 43 years experience in this area. How on earth he didn’t know this simple safety rule is beyond the realm of reason.

Watch a local news report on the incident below:

[Raw Story] Featured image: Pastor Tom Smith via Facebook

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