Guy has a sad, can’t understand why mostly black town didn’t appreciate Confederate flag parade

When people starting throwing water bottles and yelling “racial slurs” at his Confederate flag parade, Chris Oliver called the cops.

“My initial reaction was, ‘What the hell?’” Oliver recalled, completely dumbfounded that he was not welcome in the town where about 77% of its residents are black.

According to WWBT, Oliver and his wife Angela took part in a flag run on Saturday with about 100 other people that ran through Petersburg, Virginia. While Confederate flags passed through the town, video captured what appeared to be a bottle of water being thrown at Oliver’s truck.

“There was people protesting, throwing bottles, hit my truck, hit numerous other vehicles, people yelling, yelling racial slurs,” he claimed.


The Petersburg police couldn’t do much for Oliver, considering that they had little evidence to follow through on his claims.

“The racial slurs are really what hurt me,” Oliver said. “You know, it’s uncalled for. There’s no need for that in today’s society.”

You can watch WWBT’s report on the story here.

Featured image: The Raw Story

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