Guy issues ‘master-class in trolling’ to Republicans pushing extreme gun bill

As Minnesota Republicans try to bring the state back to a colonial mindset with their extreme gun bills, the House Public Safety and Security Policy and Finance Committee held a hearing and allowed citizens to speak out on the bills — one allowing “permitless carry” and another one proposing a version of the “stand your ground” law.

Local news outlet CityPages highlighted a citizen who showed up to speak on the bills. If you’re not paying close attention, man’s speech sounds like an onslaught of right-wing gibberish, but the man identified as “Steve Koon” actually delivered what CityPages’ Mike Mullin called a “master-class in trolling.

At the outset of his rant, Koon represented himself as someone in favor of the bill, saying he was there to speak on behalf of himself and his family.

“Americans have a long, proud history of lethal self-defense dating back through centuries of brave Americans defending what’s theirs,” he started out.

“Early on, lethal self-defense was a necessity when protecting the homestead against marauding savages claiming to own the land that was rightfully ours. For decades, brave Americans needed to carry lethal arms to defend ourselves against the possibility against a lawless uprising of our valuable workforce. Had it not been for liberal use of force, we would not have been able to control our sea of laborers in the fields. As our country evolved, we had to adopt more tactics to maintain the integrity of our society and our government. It was not lightly that we took to weapons, and the rope, to ensure the purity of our nation. Now, as we endure a murder rate that’s the highest it’s been in 47 years, as we face hordes of illegals, and so-called ‘refugees,’ it is of the utmost importance…”

“This is offensive,” committee member Rep. Jack Considine interrupted.

“Why?” Rep. Tony Cornish asked, who was also wearing an assault rifle pin on his leather vest.

Watch the video below:

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