Guy learns what happens when you harass women in front of a jiu jitsu gym

Aside from being the most dominant martial art, Brazilian jiu jitsu is also the most humane.

That fact was demonstrated perfectly in a recent video circulating the Internet, showing a jiu jitsu practitioner dealing with an out-of-control idiot as humanely as possible.

The incident took place in front of San Francisco BJJ black belt Kurt Osiander’s academy. According to reports, a man was harassing a woman on the street, and a few students inside took notice and came to her defense. When one of them confronted the man, he took a confrontational stance and was immediately taken down.

Now, I’ve trained Brazilian jiu jitsu for over 10 years, and I know that the simple little judo throw the BJJ guy in the video utilized to get the idiot on the ground could have been a lot worse. He could have elevated the man much higher and slammed him with the full force of his weight behind him. But if you watch the initial takedown, the BJJ guy actually goes out of his way to lessen the idiot’s impact when he hits the ground.

Next, the idiot rolls to his stomach. BIG mistake. Don’t ever turn your back to someone who is skilled in the art of grappling. Here, the BJJ guy could have finished the “fight” in a number of ways, usually by a choke, but instead he simply gets his hooks in (securing the feet around waist and thighs from the back), spreads the idiot out so he’s almost laying prostrate on the ground, and lands a few aggressive slaps to show him that things could be a lot worse. Close-fisted blows from that position are devastating.

It’s interesting to see how fast the idiot goes from being a loud-mouthed aggressor to a cowering puppy dog, all without any physical damage being done to him. That’s the power of Brazilian jiu jitsu.


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